Masterwork Minis

All the 3D-printed minis I could find online were extremely fragile and needlessly overpriced, so I set out to make a resin mix that would print flexible, durable figures with the highest level of detail on the market. Then I priced them reasonably so I could share them with the world!

I use resin printers with 0.025mm layer heights and mix a high concentration of flexible resin with a sculpting resin. This way I achieve fine details while still allowing delicate parts, like weapons, to bend. Parts can also be softened and repositioned using steam or boiling water.

Obviously my store won't have the exact Goliath Rogue/Cleric that you're looking for, but it'll give you an idea of the quality and prices to expect, so you can get in touch and let me know the exact niche mini you'd like to find. You can message RocksInMyDryer#1337 on Discord or email masterworkminis [at] to let me know exactly what characters or monsters you're looking for!