Streamers & Strahd

Having fled the clutches of an evil cult, the party finds themselves on the lam, in a small pub, in a backwater town. The main things on their minds: keep a low profile, and find a way to make some cash.

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Tobias Legstrong entered the Waterdhavian City Watch at a very young age, enjoying the structure and guidance of such an organized system.

After experiencing some trauma and developing a phobia of blood, he was released from the organization and needed to begin freelancing.

Fortunately, he found a well-paid gig guarding a compound full of eccentric folks. Though after stumbling into a room where a very bloody ritual was being conducted, he starting thinking that this job wasn't quite the right fit after all...


Farideh was raised in a cult, where she was trained to aid in the summoning of Asmodeus, Master of the Nine Hells.

Once she was old enough to realize she was being used for her innate magical talent, she began seeking assistance escaping from the cult.

Aid came in the form of Eirwyn, an Astral Deva, who contacted Farideh through her dreams and offered to free her from the cult in exchange for a promise. If she is willing to accept this bargain and use her power for good, she need only wait for help to arrive in the form of a merchant and a cleric.


Laslo was born in a compound and trained as an elite spiritual warrior.

After becoming somewhat disillusioned with the same lifestyle, day in and day out, he started looking into whether there was a way out, so that he could experience a little more of what life had to offer.

Fortunately, rumors started emerging of a merchant who apparently had a way out of this place.


Altan was raised in the Feywild, among playful sprites and pixies. He was born with Celestial blood in his veins, making flowers bloom in his wake. He spent his youth becoming a Dawnbringer; a Cleric of Lathander, the Morninglord.

Recently, through Andahar, a unicorn friend, Altan learned of a demonic cult with a number of members who badly wanted to escape.

So he headed to Faerûn, looking for someone with the connections to help free these poor souls.


Robin Ashenoak was working as a merchant who had been doing a lot of trade with a compound which housed a fairly harmless-seeming cult.

She was soon approached by Altan, an Aasimar, who was looking for someone willing to help smuggle out a number of their members.

Using her contacts, connections and skillset, she managed to free three people from the cult's compound. Then, she set off south with them to find someplace to lay low, outside the cult's potential influence.


The DM has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for more than 20 years, starting with 1st edition AD&D (back when THAC0 was a thing).

In 2018, he created a seafaring supplement to expand the rules on D&D 5th edition's ships and naval combat, by adapting and consolidating rules from previous editions.

Then for about a year, he worked as a professional DM, running five paid games a week at a local game store. Now he's put together a team of amazing streamers to play a campaign on Twitch!

The Adventure So Far:

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

Chapter 7

Chapter 2

Chapter 5

Chapter 8

Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Chapter 1: A Plea For Help

The group's table is approached by an imposing man in colorful garb who hands them a letter with each of their names on it. Paying for their drinks, he departs into the cold night. The letter asks the party to come to Barovia; that the village's inhabitants desperately need aid. In the morning, they set off into the Svalich Woods, traveling for hours until they reach a small village.

Through the thick fog, they spot a couple of children, crying in the street. "There's a monster in our house!" So the party heads in to investigate. It soon becomes apparent that the house is not only abandoned, but that the children were centuries old apparitions, who the group finally lays to rest. Learning that the family led a cult which congregated in a dungeon below the house, they head down to further investigate...

Chapter 2: The Village of Barovia

The group finds the cult's underground sacrificial altar and sacrifices a rat upon it to appease the house's vengeful spirits and be free to leave.

Emerging onto the damp cobblestones, the party quickly finds the tavern, where they meet Ismark Kolyanovich, the late burgomaster's son. Ismark is looking for someone to escort his adopted sister away from the village, where he hopes she'll be safe from Strahd Von Zarovich, a powerful vampire who seems hellbent on possessing her.

They follow Ismark to his home, where they meet Ireena Kolyana, the young woman who has twice been bitten by Strahd. They stay in their home for the night, planning to strike out early for the town of Vallaki...

Chapter 3: The Town of Vallaki

Helping to bury the late Kolyan Indirovich, the group strikes out in the direction of Vallaki, accompanied by Kolyan's adopted daughter, Ireena. As dusk approaches, they come across Madam Eva who reads the party's fortunes, giving them cryptic clues about things she claims are important.

Once in Vallaki, they leave Ireena at the Blue Water Inn so they can go investigate a winery which has abruptly ceased its deliveries. Once at the Wizard of Wines, they learn the place has been overtaken by mad druids who have kicked the Martikov family from their winery. They head in, aiming to reclaim the place...

Chapter 4: The Wizard of Wines

Investigating the winery, the group manages to find and destroy the source of the druids' power, a black staff which seems to control the dozens of sentient plant beings which prevent the Martikov family from reclaiming their home. Having returned the flow of wine to the land, they return to Vallaki and are rewarded with an ancient amulet meant to battle the forces of darkness.

Though the party's celebration is brief, as they quickly find out Ireena hasn't returned from her day out in town. Investigating the town, they suspect she's being held in the mansion of the Burgomaster, Vargas Vallakovich, by his right-hand man, Izek Strazni...

Chapter 5: Burgomaster's Mansion

After much time spent casing the mansion, the group managed to infiltrate and investigate the place. It soon became clear where Ireena most likely was, so those with the tools to do so managed to sneak in using stealth and subterfuge and liberate Ireena from her captor.

Fleeing Vallaki, a familiar wagon was spotted traveling through the woods. Knowing it belonged to someone they were seeking, the party tracked it to a dilapidated tower out on a lake. After some painful trial-and-error, they managed to find a new ally staying there who has joined their quest to destroy Strahd...

Chapter 6: The Village of Krezk

Finally reaching the Village of Krezk, the group finds that the town and its Abbey aren't quite what they expected. A madman rules over a family of failed experiments.

The party agrees to help the Abbot find what he seeks, but also manages to purloin an important relic while there...

Chapter 7: Return to the Scene of the Crime

Striking out to find a dress for the Abbot, the group finds themselves back at Baron Vallakovich's home, where they take their time casing the place before putting a plan in motion...

Donning convincing disguises, the party manages to get the dress they came for, but they also come across something they believe will be instrumental in fight against Strahd...

Chapter 8: Old Bonegrinder

Deciding to confront Strahd, the party leaves the town of Vallaki and travels across Barovia, stumbling upon a familiar windmill on their way toward Castle Ravenloft.

The group heads toward the old, dilapidated windmill but soon learns that it isn't as abandoned as it may seem at first glance...